• The crew of Lord Sheffield Tall Ship Adventures is always ready to sail.

    Hello! My name is Robert Ash, and I’ve been running Lord Sheffield Tall Ship Adventures in St. Maarten for 3 ½ years. I started out with a career in corporate America/Canada, working as a marketer and engineer. But then, I decided to follow my true passion: sailing. So I decided to give it all up and move to the best place that would allow me to enjoy it without any worries: the Caribbean.

    As a lifetime sailor and adventure lover, I combine my passion for sailing with my love for hospitality to create an environment where passengers can experience the beauty of the Caribbean and the thrill of being at sea in a old time square rigger while simultaneously being pampered with excellent service, great food and drinks.


  • Picture Top Right
    The Tall Ship Lord Sheffield under full sail.
  • Picture Right
    The crew of the Lord Sheffield climbing high in the rigging.